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If you need help with lead roof installation or repair then why not give us a call? As one of the Swindon’s premier roofing contractors, we can meet all your lead roofing needs. Whether it is restoring your current lead roof or putting a brand new one in, we are the people to trust.

Why Choose Lead Roofing?

The tried and tested lead roofing is one of the oldest materials in the roofing industry, historically used and lasting hundreds of years. With the correct treatment and care lead roofing will not need replacing, which makes it a roofing material commonly used in present times. 

There are loads of benefits of lead roofing, including its durability, ability to be moulded and resistance to corrosion. To help you understand the power of lead roofing we’ve listed out some more key benefits below.

Benefits of Lead Roofing

Lead Roofs are Easily Moulded

Lead is a highly flexible material that can be easily moulded into many different forms, which makes it the perfect choice for tricky shaped roofs. Lead sheeting can be pulled taut and stretched easily, enabling it to be shaped to sit neatly along roof lines, especially awkward or protruding shapes. Lead is also a popular material for flat roofs.

Corrosion and Water-resistant

Lead is resistant to corrosion and water, which makes it the ideal choice for roofs in the UK. It is hardy against all weather types including rain, temperature changes, UV rays and atmospheric pollutants. Roofs need to be able to withstand all sorts of weather conditions and remain strong throughout the changing seasons, this is why lead roofing is such an attractive choice. 

Longevity and Durability

A high quality lead roof can last up to three times longer than alternative roofing materials. Its durability and weather resistance means that lead roofing takes much longer to lose its quality and functionality. 


Not only does lead roofing last for ages, it is also one of the most recycled materials in the world. This material is hugely sustainable and for this reason many businesses and homeowners opt for lead roofs. Lead roofing greatly helps the natural world by easing demand on resources, which reduces the fossil fuels needed to process new materials.


If you notice that your lead roof is damaged in any way or you suspect that there is an issue with it, it is always best to have it looked at and fixed before it can cause any lasting damage. Visit our roof repairs page or contact us immediately if you think your roof might be in danger, we can assess the damages and recommend the best way to fix the issue whether it be a quick fix or replacement.

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